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Consultancy Services

Treasury Process and Treasury Technology Reviews

We carry out reviews of treasury processes and procedures embracing central and regional treasuries, where treasury interacts with group companies and business units and particularly covering the current application of technology. The review will generate discussion and recommendations for change together with a proposed plan of action to achieve an optimum treasury systems solution delivering treasury best practice.

Treasury Management System Selection

The task of selecting a treasury management system must be run as a project and not as a process and should be managed and controlled accordingly. We will help the client throughout the complete system selection project or with specific steps as required. Steps include:

  • Formation of a small project team - it is necessary to get the right balance for the team and include the correct experience.
  • The requirements definition - this will be the foundation stone for the project and should include full prioritisation of requirements. The process of pulling together the requirements definition is where the team's experience and innovation comes into play.
  • System vendor short listing - all potential vendors would be considered within the parameters of the requirements definition and a small, well matched short list provided.
  • Selection process through system demonstrations and structured workshops - it is essential that this part of the project be well managed with efficient communication within the project team and with the vendors.
  • Final selection and contract - advice would be provided in the manner of selecting the preferred supplier and assistance in discussions and negotiation towards final signature.

However your project is structured, the consultancy support that you receive from Lillie Associates will be tailored to your specific requirements and will be built on a great depth of experience in managing similar projects.